In the course of pursuing my professional responsibilities and in the quest of my dreams, accumulation of thoughts flourished as it became clear that I have innate abilities of contributing to the South African community at large, be it in the public or private space at personal level beyond place of employment/ workplace as it were. I looked up on a plenty of individuals as role models. In fact, I have never left wanting in my career development as a result of these extrinsic forces that played a critical role in my aspirations. Biblically, we all know that “it is blessed a hand that gives than that receives”. It is through the inspiration of this intrinsic natural law that I feel obligated, willingly and enthusiastically, to contribute to the community both in-kind and otherwise where circumstances exceptionally require so. In my lifetime, certain individuals dedicated their valuable time, efforts and energies in supporting me where I sought such assistance. I would be defying the natural justice of giving back and of course propel a spell of an only receiving hand. For the past ten (10) years, I volunteered my time, energy and exertions unreservedly to the community through leadership roles I am playing and imparting through God gifted skills that I am blessed with. In return, I have gained and learned what this world would not have offered had I not be involved in such societal structures. I am a devoted Christian. I am both religious and spiritual to the core. I attribute my life and achievements thereof to the one above us all, the Deity, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Benefactor of the blessings. By this strong believe in the Lord, it does not make me immune to the throbbing challenges of this world and her trivialities. They only make me stronger and always bestow my faith upon Him. To God be the Glory!!!


Below is a list of interests that I have come to develop in the course of my professional career and personal development. They have developed to a certain extent that I now provide them as services. Most of them I offer gratis while some may require a stipend to accumulate resources necessary to provide the output. You are more than welcome to engage me on interests that may be of use and interests to you, your friends and colleagues. I am open to a frank discussion on the level of my time dedication and the nature thereof.


-     Mentoring & Coaching

My mentoring and coaching services are specifically related to life-skills, career guidance and professional/ career advancement and development ranging from learners at high schools (from grade 11), students at tertiary institutions and young professionals to middle and senior managers in the corporate and public sectors


-     Motivational/ Inspirational conversations

Groups of all sizes be it corporate, community, sport teams and the like


-     Master of Ceremonies

Small-medium size events from corporate to community events


-     Presentations, Proposals and Business Plans

Advisory and end-end services across a variety of economic sectors


-     Media Advisory and Consulting

Advisory and consulting services in the media (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, outdoor, online, electronic and new media). This is not Public Relations or Media Liaison service. It is more about commercial services in the media ranging from developing strategies in launching a new media business to streamlining existing systems and resources for the purpose of business growth and revenue maximization. It also includes advisory services on the landscape of media in South Africa in relation to the global media landscape


The above are the interests-cum-services on offer from me personally. Besides these services I am an enthusiast of sports (soccer, table tennis, volleyball, and golf), reading, swimming, technology and writing. I am awaiting invitations from you on any of the above sport for a challenge!